A Message to Parents:

“The days are long, but the years are short”.

 I didn’t understand this saying until I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. Through the years, we’ve cherished all her milestones, whether big or small, we’ve celebrated them all.  My most treasured memories are of her raiding my closet, trying on all my dresses and shoes, pretending to be just like mommy - a rite of passage for many little girls.   As much as I loved these moments, I always think to myself, “No, baby girl…don’t grow up just yet.  Let me enjoy you a little more before you’re not so little anymore.”

BéBloom Kids is inspired by my free spirit daughter who lives to dress up for any and all occasions. BéBloom Kids is an online affordable yet luxe childrenswear rental service. “Bé” translates to “child” in many languages. Our mission is to nurture our children’s imaginations, confidence, encourage them to dream with beautiful, unique pieces any parent can rent without making a dent on your wallet. We subscribe to the idea that precious moments should be collected, not things. It is the power of imagination that makes us BLOOM.