Summer Weddings - Flower Girl Edition

June 12, 2019

Summer Weddings - Flower Girl Edition


‘Tis the Season for summer weddings. It’s the perfect time to have fun and get all dressed up to celebrate love!

We have a Flower Girl Guide that explains the essentials to making this beautiful day magical for your girl. What’s important to us is not only what she will wear, but how she will feel when she’s wearing it! Just like women, girls have a mind of their own! They want to express who they are through what they wear, and sometimes they don’t even know it!

Girls ages 2-6 will be excited about getting to look like a princess or, dare we say, a mini-bride! Older girls, ages 8-12, may want to choose their own look or at least have more of an opinion about what they wear. Don't worry, we're here to help!

Before we get started, here are some key points to have in mind when shopping for your little floral keeper!


Choose the dress that will fit the budget. If you aren’t paying for the dress, someone has to! There are various childrenswear retailers and rental services that can provide endless options! Find a happy place where everyone is pleased, including your wallet!


Things to consider are height, age, and growth level (especially if you are ordering items months in advance) when choosing the right silhouette. Picking the best and appropriate silhouette for age is important. Older girls may want something more chic, different, and stylish. Toddlers may want something more fairy-tale and princess-like!


Typical flower girl dresses come in different fabrications such as cotton, chiffon, organza, lace, and tulle. The most popular dresses are typically made with lace and/or tulle. Although they are nice and fancy, for our girls who prefer comfort, ditch the itch. Opt for more comfortable and breathable fabrications such as cottons or lace! If your summers are known to be scorchers, keep this in mind so we can keep your girl happy and dancing all day long!




Short and Sweet Mini

Who doesn’t love a mini dress? Mini dresses are generally hemmed above the knee and suits all occasions, whether it’s a wedding or birthday. They can be worn throughout the year. During the colder seasons, you can pair our mini Mimi dress with some playful tights!



Itty Bitty Midi

Midi dresses are great for girls who want a more formal look but not with a floor length gown. Midi, also known as tea length, are hemmed below the knee and stops above the ankle. From flower girls to junior bridesmaids, our midi Karley dress will make them feel like royalty.



Boho is a GO!

Boho dresses are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Boho dresses are roomy and relaxed in silhouette. They’re made with our free-spirited girls in mind who’s ready to go with flow. Calling all outdoor weddings, our boho Eleanor dress is made for you!



Romantic and Rustic

Ruffled and tiered dresses are ALWAYS fun and definitely a showstopper. These dresses can be perfect for any type of weddings ranging from traditional to rustic chic. Throw on a pair of boots or flats with our ivory Aila dress, and your flower girl is all set!




Traditional dresses are more common and can vary in length. Although the traditional dress is conventional, the advantage is versatility! It can suit a casual or formal occasion. With our traditional Adalynne dress, she will win all the hearts in a summer wedding.



Mod, Please!

Clean, sleek, and mod for the modern little woman. These types of dresses are minimal but polished with style! Who said flower girl dresses must be all white? The mod Jojo dress is definitely made for our non-traditional fierce girls who treat every day as if it's her runway!




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