June 04, 2019


Welcome to ALL things fashion, family, and forever memories. 

The purpose of this blog is to connect the fashion and family lifestyle. I love all things fashion, family, and nature, so naturally my blog name came to be All Things Bloom. My contributors and I are excited to connect with our readers through fashion worthy advice, trending topics, how-tos, features (we can all relate to), and family/fashion events.

Let us rewind a bit…

Born in Hue, Vietnam, my everyday world was filled with art and fashion. My dad never strayed from his true passion as an artist. My mom, in addition to being a talented designer, owned her own successful bridal rental business. During my childhood, I spent the majority of my time at my mom’s boutique. I enjoyed designing, sketching, and sewing outfits for my doll to match my own. At the age of 12, we made a life-changing move to the US. I was immediately immersed in a new culture, a new home, and a new lifestyle. Not only was I trying to find my place here in the states, but I was also figuring out who I was. Growing up, my parents firmly pushed us to pursue a career in medical or law. To appease my parents, I attended the University of Houston to pursue a pharmacy degree. I knew in my heart this wasn’t me. It took some time, but I chose to follow my dreams in the arts. I graduated University of North Texas with a well-earned BFA in Fashion Design. I made the most of my talents and entered as many competitions as I could. In 2008, I received an award and scholarship to study in Paris with various fashion houses. I practiced the haute couture sewing techniques of Nina Ricci, draping methods of Madame Gres, millinery skills of Jean Paul Gaultier, and emulated the techniques of handbag and accessories design by Anne Valerie Hash. I am forever grateful for this prestigious opportunity!

During this travel abroad, little did I know that my now husband, would ask me to marry him in Venice, Italy. Spoiler alert: I said YES! I don’t mean to brag, but he hit the nail right on the head with that proposal! After my arrival back to the states, “all things wedding” consumed me. I designed all 4 of my bridal dresses, along with 5 bridesmaid dresses, and 2 flower girl dresses. I know you are all questioning, “4 bridal dresses?”. I made my engagement, rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and reception dress. I was so very ambitious and never willing to admit defeat, even if it meant sewing until the last hour before the wedding!

During this process, I immediately noticed a following in my work. Inquiries for custom bridal gowns started pouring in! I was a one-woman-show, sketching, patternmaking, sewing, and answering all the questions! This seemed like a pivotable point in my life. I quickly recognized if I was going to have dreams to design a full womenswear collection, I’m going to need more hands. I took a leap of faith and hired on 1 intern and 1 seamstress. Debuting my first ever collection in 2010, we officially launched Nha Khanh, a luxury womenswear label that would house separates, dresses, and gowns. Nha Khanh has been in picked up by Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave., Bloomingdale's, Tootsies, Stanley Korshak, and many other high-end retailers around the nation.

As the company grew, my team grew, and so did our family. In 2012, a beautiful little girl was born. Every day, I fall in love with her all over again. I found myself making matching dresses for both of us any chance I could. When she turned the tender age of 3, I saw myself in her, she developed a strong sense of style and loved fashion. She enjoyed accompanying me to fashion events, dinners, and outings. I loved having her as my plus one, because she got to experience what mom’s work-and-play lifestyle was.

While dressing up for all the occasions, it dawned on me how quickly she was growing out of her custom made dresses. I couldn’t really make clothes for her in advance, as she grew rapidly in matter of months! Even when we received custom orders through Nha Khanh Atelier for children, we must take measurements closer to the date of the event. With that in mind, I understood it was not ideal for most parents to invest in high-end luxury clothing for their children.

Not willing to compromise quality and design, my husband and I wanted to figure out a solution to the dilemma. We wanted to provide luxury fashion, make it readily accessible, and here’s the kicker, budget-friendly! 

Our solution to the problem was to create a childrenswear rental service, which became BéBloom Kids.

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